Plenty to Sea and Do on the Bay of Fundy

St. Mary’s Bay is in Digby County, Nova Scotia. It is a branch of the famous Bay of Fundy, sharing the same high tides. Long and Brier Islands (beyond Digby Neck) in the Bay of Fundy, are among the most popular whale watching and birding destinations in Canada. A hike to the ‘Balancing Rock‘ on Long Island is a day trip worth exploring. In early spring and late summer sea and shore bird watching on Brier Island is among the best in eastern North America. Brier Island is on the migratory birds’ flight path. Hike the many trails from bay to bay.

Summer Festivals
The region (Bridgetown to the French Shore) is celebrated for its several exciting and colourful festivals during the summer months. Scallop Days in nearby Digby attract thousands of visitors every year who are drawn to the town for the annual street parade and entertainment, and of course, for the opportunity to taste the world famous Digby scallops. The newest festival is the motorcycle rally “Wharf Rat Rally” with something for all members of the family. In 2010 the event attracted over 20,000 motorcycle riders from all over Nova Scotia (and beyond).

Beaches & Raw Beauty
The nearby village of Sandy Cove is a reminder of the raw and pristine beauty of the area. There are sandy beaches, and numerous opportunities to hike or climb the hills and rocky shoreline.  There are lighthouses to photograph, family picnics to plan, museums to visit, forts to investigate, golfing, geocaching, winery tours & tasting, and for the children, daytrips to Upper Clements Park – the largest theme park in Nova Scotia -, and Oaklawn Farm Zoo, all a short drive from Graham’s Pioneer Retreat.

Whale Watching
Whale watching tours on the Bay of Fundy are among the most popular outdoor activities in Nova Scotia and are offered by numerous companies from Digby Neck and the Islands. Choose between a traditional boat or a more adventurous zodiac. These adventures are available from mid-May to late October each year. Several species are commonly observed including the Humpback, Minke and Pilot whale and occasionally, a rare Right Whale, Blue Whale or Orca (Killer Whale) is spotted and photographed.